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Why Flexible Funding is Different

Rates & Payroll
Funding Programs

As a staffing agency funding source, we act as an invisible bank providing a revolving line of credit.

The Most Flexible Payroll
Funding Company

There are no monthly minimum fees, prepayments or early termination fees, which allows you to end your financing contract at any time without penalties.

Solid Funding
Track Record

Our team has developed a solid and reliable funding track record, so you never need to worry about the status of your account.

We’re More Than
Payroll Funding 

We also offer growth consulting, payroll factoring company needs and billing integration.


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About Flexible Funding

We are committed to being a transparent funding company for staffing agencies in the following capacities:

  • Payroll Funding: Since 1992, we have offered flexible payroll funding to staffing agencies at competitive rates. We tailor your funding plan to fit your unique business needs. Our experience includes working to get startups established quickly and efficiently — servicing reputable staffing companies bidding on large contracts and helping companies free cash flow so they can flourish.
  • Growth Consulting: Our exclusive arrangement with Optimal Management allows us to provide consulting services to staffing agencies. Optimal Management offers insights into your business's performance, strategic and tactical plans, retention and motivational plans, and more to help your business maximize sales growth, company value and profits.
  • Factoring Services: Our payroll factoring company services are here to help if your business has reached a borrowing ceiling with your bank or you are having a difficult time securing a line of credit. Our Factoring Facilities program grants you an immediate cash advance of up to 90% of your accounts receivable if you have already qualified. Our Factoring Facilities program allows you to use your available funds to help your business grow. You can maintain your existing relationship with your bank. Additionally, we offer complete back office support to eliminate the burden of tracking payments and collections.
  • Billing Integration: As a funding company for staffing agencies, Flexible Funding wants to make the entire process easier for you. We work to help you seamlessly integrate all of your payroll systems and services while managing old and new technologies — regardless of how your staffing agency makes payroll for its temporary or contract employees. We can create a custom program, develop reports and analyze data — all in an effort to ensure you are making payroll on time and that you have the necessary information to keep your business on track.

About Flexible Funding

How we’re different

Flexible funding provides temp agency financing, accounts receivable financing, accounts receivable funding, payroll financing, payroll processing and back office support for staffing agencies and construction companies. Contact Flexible Funding for all your staffing and industry funding needs. We are the staffing industry payroll funding experts.

We are not driven by extreme overhead, sales commissions and quotas, or a top heavy management structure – we don’t need to sign you up if it’s not the right thing for your company. Steve Capper, CEO

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