The above Flexible Funding YouTube video is also posted at the BBB Better Business Bureau’s own website at

Although the video is somewhat generic, a measure of business consumer confidence lies in that the video was produced in association with the Better Business Bureau; the BBB approached Flexible Funding as a quality payroll funding and finance company with an excellent BBB record to produce and post the video. (BBB does not generally encourage or allow questionable operators to post videos on the BBB site.)

  1. Flexible Funding has never ever received a BBB complaint (as of this page creation). Any updates can be found at the BBB site.
  2. The Principal/CEO of Flexible Funding, Steve Capper, will always make himself personally available to hear any real concerns that any one of our customers may have. At many other payroll funding companies, assistant managers or regional managers without ultimate authority are the responders.
  3. Flexible Funding actually provides for open communication contractually in our agreement… ?Both parties agree to communicate with one another fully and in good faith?.?
  4. There is never any reason for anybody to be unsatisfied with our staffing financial services payroll funding programs as there are no long-term contracts. A customer may exit our program FOR ANY REASON, and without any early termination fees.