Billing Integration

Flexible Funding can help you seamlessly integrate all of your payroll systems and services-with both old and new technologies- regardless of how your staffing agency makes payroll for it's temporary or contract employees. We can create a custom program, develop reports, and analyze data to make sure you are making payroll on time and that you have the necessary information to keep your business on track and growing.

We have the solutions-no matter how your company payroll is executed:

Other benefits of working with our factoring facilities program

ADP Payroll, Paychex Payroll, Intuit QuickBooks Online Payroll, and other national, regional and local payroll services

Employee Leasing Companies that provide your weekly payroll bundled with workers' compensation coverage (for staffing firms whose payroll is done by independent CPA's)

Staffing-on-Staffing Arrangements(for staffing agencies that run staffing temp volume and payroll through other staffing agencies)

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