Growth Consulting

Optimal Management, Inc.
the premier consultants to staffing companies

Flexible Funding has an exclusive arrangement with Optimal Management to provide consulting services to staffing companies. Optimal can provide your business with insights into your company's performance, retention and motivational plans, strategic and tactical plans, and so much more to help your business maximize sales growth, profits and company value.

Optimal Management will help your business grow by helping you track results, prioritize critical issues, identify areas that neeed improvements, and set performance standards and KPI's.

Optimal's services include:

Retention and motivational plans

Maximizing your team's time for efficiency and productivity

Strategic and tactical plans

Cost-saving programs

Creation of exit strategies from merger and acquisition to internal buyouts

Profitability software modules to optimize your firm's performance

Enabling your firm to become a solutions provider or VMS

Cusomized contracts for your employees

Crisis management

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