Flexible Funding offers flexible and unlimited accounts receivable based Payroll Funding to help your company firm grow, and can ALSO provide the knowledge, guidance, staffing industry statistics and monitoring technologies/tools for you to grow.

Flexible Funding would like to announce an exclusive arrangement between Flexible Funding and Optimal Management, Inc. the premier management consulting firm to staffing companies. Under this agreement Optimal may provide you its expertise, with both insight to your staffing company’s performance as well as OM’s staffing expertise across a broad range of areas.

Initially, Optimal Management and Flexible Funding will provide data– comparative monthly sales trends for your staffing firm versus a dataset of similar staffing agency enterprises to benchmark your staffing company’s performance with current industry activity. This initial service will be complimentary to you and you will see how your company compares to the dataset.

You may later elect to participate in an expanded service to include comparative results by staffing line/niche of business and key performance indicators (KPI). Optimal Management will be available to Flexible’s clients to maximize your sales growth, profits, and company value.


Optimal’s broad range of expertise, services and support includes:

  • Win-win staffing firm compensation– retention and motivational plans for your staff and management
  • Business developers/sales reps and recruiters/order fulfillment personnel–maximize their efficiency and productivity
  • Strategic and tactical game plans– to ensure your growth, net profit and overall success
  • Creating exit strategies from M&A (Merger and Acquisition) to internal buyouts–for you to get the maximum dollar value for your staffing firm upon exit

Optimal Management’s suite of Opti-Solutions profitability software modules helps optimize your staffing firm’s performance and sets your company apart from the competition. Clients can move away from commodity pricing, or when required to compete on price alone, provide strategies from loss leaders and breaking into a new market, to cost reduction and restructuring, so you can make money even at low margins including:

  • +Pricing and cash flow modules
  • +Value added service enables your staffing firm to become a solutions provider or VMS
  • +Cost savings programs, which demonstrate how you can increase your customers profit
  • +Customized contracts for your employees and your working relationships with your staffing clients
  • +Crisis management and checks and balances to keep your staffing company on an even keel

Optimal meets with you on a regular basis, providing you with performance reports and tracking actual results versus game plans, making changes as needed. They prioritize your critical issues, identify areas needing improvement and maximize the market value of your business. They employ the the dataset referenced above to set performance standards and KPI’s for each of your offices and and business developers and recruiters.

Contact Steve Capper at Flexible Funding 800 487-8327 for more information or you may contact Mike Neidle at Optimal Management at 650 655-2190