Many staffing agencies need fast access to payroll funding to provide salaries to their temporary employees this week. Flexible Funding in San Francisco has provided services to temporary employment companies and staffing agencies for over 70 years. Knowledgeable employees are available to answer questions about receiving money at competitive rates to pay employees on time. There are great reasons for needing money immediately from our company to pay employees. We know that many government programs or primary employers take several weeks or even months to send money to provide salaries. For a new staffing agency, getting started in this business is difficult due to having no cash available in the first few months.

No Contracts

Many financing companies charge high interest fees or require signing long-term contracts in order to get payroll funding. However, Flexible Funding never requires a contract that requires use of their services for several years. Financial advances are extremely affordable because they do not add on fees for things such as documentation, credit reports, or administration. Many staffing agencies enjoy protecting their businesses and finances with an honest company such as Flexible Funding. Staffing agencies do not need to worry about dealing with a one-sided contract, because there is no contract to sign. To ensure money is paid back as quickly as possible, all company payments are mailed directly to Flexible Funding.

Easy Communication

Anyone starting up a staffing agency is extremely busy with daily tasks such as interviewing and placing applicants in jobs. This is why Flexible Funding has automatic systems to have money for payroll funding sent directly to the business’s bank accounts on a one-time or weekly basis to make sure employee’s have access to paychecks quickly. Our customer representatives provide open communication to increase a staffing agency’s credit line with a fast toll-free telephone call or email. Flexible Funding does not impose penalties for early repayments, either. Staffing agencies are free to terminate contracts with Flexible Funding at anytime without financial repercussions. In addition, Flexible Funding does not contact a staffing agency’s customers without their knowledge.