Temporary agency job positions provide a wealth of benefits to unemployed workers. One benefit that these jobs provide is flexibility. Workers who have issues such as childcare needs and vehicle problems can find a temporary position with an alternative schedule. Another benefit that temporary agency jobs provide is opportunity. Each time a temporary agency worker performs a new job, additional prospective employers potentially see that person. Some employers like to search for their permanent employees within a group of temporary employees. They use the temporary assignment to monitor the work performances and attitudes of the staff members.

Temporary positions turn into long-term job offers approximately 20 percent of the time. While the figure is not extraordinarily large, it still offers a great deal of hope for people who are currently seeking long-term positions. Temporary jobs allow a person to earn pay and gather new skills while he or she is searching for long-term work.


How to Get Work Through a Staffing Agency

Any person who is of legal age can apply for temporary work through an agency. That person will have to come to an interview with a resume and professional attitude. A job seeker should look for an agency that has been in business for a few years and has a strong reputation. Those who are looking for an employment agency online should check for valuable affiliation indicators, such as the Better Business Bureau stamp.

The staffing agency will call a worker when an employer requests a job order for which the person qualifies. From that point, the worker should show up every day on time and with a pleasant attitude. The potential employer may want to groom that person for a permanent position.

Staffing companies pay like regular employers, although they may use funds from a third-party source. Workers are paid on a weekly or biweekly basis, and staffing agencies remove taxes just as any other employer does. Staffing agencies may also reprimand workers for attendance issues and poor work performance.

If you are looking to have a temporary job turn into a permanent position, treat the job with the same dedication as if it were already a permanent position.