Use this Flexible Funding – Payroll Funding Temporary Staffing Margin / Markup Calculator to get the most out of Payroll Funding and analyze the profitability in servicing an individual account or prospect.

A completely separate staffing agency calculator provided by Flexible Funding (the Payroll Funding Profitability Calculator Tool) may be used to analyze the profitability breakeven point for your entire business as a whole. This is an especially useful tool for new staffing agencies.

In the Flexible Funding – Payroll Funding Temporary Staffing/Margin Markup Calculator – To Get the Most out of Payroll Funding tool, any payroll funding, temp agency funding, payroll financing, or accounts receivable factoring costs may be included in an “add row box”. An apples-to-apples comparison of most staffing agency funding or factoring companies will typically result in a cost of 2% to 3% for 45 days on billings/full invoice amount when funding the maximum amount available; however, if a temporary staffing agency funds less than the maximum, does a very large sales volume, or has extremely quick turns on the accounts receivable invoices, the payroll funding or factoring fees may be substantially less.

You may call us at Flexible Funding Payroll Funding 800-487-8327, with no obligation, to discuss hypothetical input numbers – staffing agency bill rates, pay rates, staffing agency gross profit and markups, tax and fee burdens, or temporary staffing agency net profit for various staffing deals and niches.