Short Form Application For Payroll Funding

Before completing the one-page Short Form Application for Payroll Funding, it’s best to first call Flexible Funding, especially to discuss any of the following scenarios:

  • Are you a new staffing agency? All new companies should call before submitting a Short Form application.
  • Does the business have a federal or state tax lien, or are any payroll taxes unpaid for any prior quarters?
  • Does the business have a workout or installment agreement with any taxing authorities for prior quarters unpaid? Is the business currently in the process of negotiating a workout or installment agreement?
  • Do any of the principals of the business have a personal tax lien, an installment-workout agreement with the IRS, or are they in the process of negotiating one?
  • Has the business or any of the principals of the business ever filed for bankruptcy?
  • Are any of the workers 1099 contractors?
  • Are you a new operation bringing clients over from another staffing agency where you currently work, or have previously worked?
  • Is there any past, current, or pending litigation (for the business or any of the principals)?
Flexible Funding charges no fees for an evaluation for payroll funding. Some other accounts receivable payroll factoring / financing operations charge up-front due diligence fees, often in the range of $500 to $750, with no guarantees of qualification.

Before filling out the payroll funding Short Form application, it is best for us to credit check your current or prospective accounts. These are common business credit reports such as Experian and D&B. There are no charges for this. Please let us know if there is a parent company of any of the accounts that would ultimately be responsible for payment of invoices. Also we must be clear as to whether your contract is directly with the client, or if it is through an MSP (managed service provider) or VMS (vendor manager). If this is the case, please identify the MSP or VMS for each associated account.

If the customers or prospects check out OK, we may later run a personal credit report on the business owners of the staffing agency (authorized on the Short Form).


  • Flexible Funding is one of the few temporary staffing payroll funding companies that will sometimes fund Sole Proprietorships, although we prefer to fund Corporations and Limited Liability companies.
  • If you are specifically looking for employer-of-record payroll funding, please call.
  • Flexible Funding will do payroll funding for new staffing agencies, on a case-by-case basis. Please call for specifics, before submitting a Short Form.
  • Generally, the Principal owner(s) signing our application are involved in running the agency on a day-to-day basis. If this is not the case, we may request additional information on the financial or operational leader(s) in the company.
  • Flexible Funding Payroll Funding does not fund home health care staffing.
  • Coming out of a payroll financing, funding, or factoring contract with another funding company or bank is a situation that requires discussion before submitting the Short Form. Please call at 800-487-8327 or 415-391-4320.
Please print the Short Form, complete, and return it via scan/email, or fax to (fax 415-391-4331). All Principals are required to sign.

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