Payroll funding is a method of finance that may be utilized by your Staffing company–or any business where labor is the largest expense of the business and/or are the primary services provided to customers–to meet weekly, biweekly, or monthly payroll and facilitate your business growth. The security collateral for the financial advances are most commonly the billings/invoices and associated accounts receivables of the business, although other collateral may sometimes be included.


With Flexible Funding’s™ Payroll Funding you are able to draw funds against your accounts receivables for exactly and only the payroll amount you need, which may vary from week to week, month to month, seasonally, or even day to day. You also have the option at any time to fund more than your payroll amount, if you need it…for your additional business growth, other expenses, and business lifestyle.
When you otherwise ‘factor’ or ‘sell’ your accounts receivables (an actual purchase of the invoices) you generally are given the same fixed percentage of the invoice amounts (ie. 85%) all of the time, which may be more than your payroll amount… forcing you to borrow more than you actually need and incurring additional and unnecessary costs.

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If your staffing company has multiple customers, Flexible Funding™ payroll funding programs are the most flexible financing program tailored to facilitate and support payroll variations due to:

  • Varying margins and markups depending on your regional level of staffing-industry marketplace competition, seasonality, and varying levels of your bargaining power with different customers and prospects.
  • Varying margins and markups depending on your staffing industry niche; Information Technology Staffing, Computer, Engineering, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Aerospace Contactors, High level Accounting and Finance Temporaries, Legal Staffing, Medical-Healthcare Staffing, and Skilled Trades-related payrolls which have larger markups (than general labor and light industrial labor) and where the actual payroll amount is a smaller percentage of the total invoice/billing amount.
  • Different sales volume with different customers representing different levels of customer concentration.

For all of these marketplace scenarios, Flexible Funding™ provides a way to least expensively finance just the amount of payroll you need. And when desired, Flexible may facilitate more than your payroll finance needs with added optional staffing industry services and support in the way of ongoing consulting expertise, workers compensation insurance, and back office services and softwares.

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Flexible Funding’s™ Customized Funding Programs –providing you Unlimited-Growth Authentic Payroll Funding are typically LESS EXPENSIVE than factoring. Here’s why:

  • Payroll funding fees are calculated exactly on the amount of funds you choose to draw, whereas invoice factoring fees are calculated on the full gross face amount of the invoice that you are billing.
  • Depending on the distribution of customer accounts on your staffing company’s accounts receivable aging, Flexible Funding has various payroll financing programs where you may utilize either:
    1) the security of a ‘pool of invoices’…allowing Flexible Funding to charge much less than factors or other payroll funding companies that ‘factor’, or
    2) Selected individual customer accounts, in a way that reduces the cost.


Flexible Funding™ lives up to our name… with authentic flexibility in a payroll funding program. Many other payroll funding companies and factoring companies use the word ‘flexible’ in their website marketing, trying to latch onto an advertising buzzword …but unable or unwilling to live up to the claim.

Why is Flexible Funding’s™ payroll funding truly more flexible than factoring companies, and payroll funding or payroll financing companies that ‘purchase’ invoices?….

With true payroll funding, the funding process is less Intrusive with your customer accounts, than with factoring. In the normal course of business, invoices to your customers accounts are not stamped or worded with confusing (or threatening) legal language, separate legal notices are not sent to your customers, monthly statements are not sent to your customers by the funding company, and invoices are not generally intrusively verified 52-weeks-a-year with your customer’s accounts payable or accounting department. Your customers continue to make out payment checks in your company name, and Flexible does not ‘collect’ from your customers, unless you want our help in doing so. And when you specifically request our assistance with collections, it is at no additional cost and seamlessly integrated with your own collection efforts.

Flexible Funding’s™ less-intrusive invisible-to-your-customer authentic payroll funding process allows you to better build your staffing company’s Identity/Brand…and ultimate company sales value. Authentic payroll funding does not dilute your brand out in the world with factoring company identity and interference.

When you ‘factor’ invoices, or work with a payroll finance company claiming to do payroll funding –but really doing nothing more that ‘factoring’– you are ‘selling’ your invoices. The finance company is technically purchasing them. In such cases, you are SELLING OFF YOUR ASSETS and they no longer appear on your company balance sheet as an asset of your company.

Financially this may not appear strong, as most staffing companies already have little or no other assets other than their accounts receivables (they do not typically have physical inventory, equipment, or real estate assets.) By continuing to ‘sell’ your receivables with factoring, you build no assets. With no assets on your staffing company balance sheet, it can sometimes make it more difficult to graduate to a lesser-cost traditional bank line of credit or to private investment funds…that want to see a few years of company profitability AND assets on the balance sheet.

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Specializing in the staffing industry, Flexible Funding™ facilitates Payroll Funding for the widest range of Payroll Systems and Services…more than any other staffing industry finance company nationwide. Flexible Funding™ seamlessly facilitates payroll funding for staffing companies executing their payroll through:

  • ADP Payroll, Paychex Payroll, Intuit Quickbooks Online Payroll, and other national, regional and local payroll services
  • PEO’s–Professional Employer Organizations…also known as Employee Leasing Companies providing your weekly payroll bundled with workers compensation coverage when your staffing firm has the payroll done by independent CPA’s
  • Staffing-on-Staffing Arrangements (Staffing agencies that run staffing temp volume and payroll through other staffing agencies)

No matter how your staffing organization makes payroll for temporary employees or contract professionals, we accommodate and integrate in ways that other payroll funding companies and factoring companies do not. Located in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley tech region, Flexible Funding™ also custom programs new technologies to stay ahead of new payroll system interfaces, and related necessary data scrapes/data sharing …to expedite your payroll funding.


When your payroll and related temporary-agency staffing billings are tied into third-party VMS Staffing Industry Vendor Manager systems and MSP Staffing Industry Managed Service Providers, Flexible Funding™ are the payroll-funding experts most accommodating and best equipped to facilitate payroll financial requirements.

VMS and MSP are third-party middleman vendor companies contracted by the actual end user of the labor/temps to manage billings for payroll, time approvals, and other human resource components. VMS are common with IT Information Technology Staffing, Medical Healthcare Staffing, and often when Fortune 500 companies are your customers or target prospects. Unless you go through the VMS vendor manager middleman’s online billing, time and approval system, and contract directly with the VMS, you cannot provide labor/contractors to the actual end user of the labor. This often introduces new challenges for related payroll funding and billing needs.

Flexible Funding™ has specialized expertise and technologies beyond other staffing industry funding companies and generalized invoice factoring companies….to help support and solve special VMS/MSP payroll funding challenges such as:

  • VMS/MSP-Staffing providers and their fine-print contractual arrangements that only allow you to invoice once a month for the labor performed, even though your staffing company must make payroll for employees or contractors weekly. In such cases, many competitor ‘factoring’ companies cannot fund payroll on time because adequate weekly funding documentation is unavailable.
  • Staffing Vendor Managers and Managed Service Providers continuously provide staffing companies payment remittance data, all directly or indirectly related to payroll and invoiced-billed amounts. With a number of VMS, the payroll-related customer payment remittance data from the VMS is presented in a way that is confusing or inadequate–requiring the supplier-staffing agency to spend hours every week or monthly trying to reconcile payments with billings, hours and overtime approved or denied.

Flexible Funding™ has developed leading-edge technologies to make payroll on time and reconcile VMS/MSP payments for your services quicker and more accurately…saving your company the precious time it takes to reconcile, and also saving thousands of dollars (or tens of thousands) in payments that your company may otherwise be shorted by the VMS. For some staffing companies, the annual savings from Flexible Funding’s VMS/MSP payroll-funding related reconciling technologies effectively translate to FREE funding.

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Flexible Funding™provides additional flexible options for when your businesses may not qualify for a ABL (asset based lending) revolving-credit-line payroll-funding structure, or when higher-risk financial situations necessitate that the customer account debtors need to be notified and invoices need to regularly be verified. Higher risk situations may include:

  • When you have very heavy customer concentration on your account receivable aging
  • Staffing agency customer accounts with marginal credit and explosive sales volume\payroll ramp ups
  • Staffing companies with minor to moderate IRS issues, State Tax Liens, and Legal Judgments
  • You or your staffing company has prior or current challenges with other payroll funding companies
  • Confusion when you are providing temporary employees in the same regional area out of one office location through multiple business entities simultaneously with similar sounding names

Some staffing agencies actually prefer invoice ‘factoring structure’ because that’s all they have ever done in their business life and are completely comfortable with the process. And, factoring structure is also available for whenever a staffing firm strongly prefers to limit financing to selected individual credit-worthy selected customer accounts.

In such cases, Flexible Funding™ also has all you need to effectively factor your temporary staffing agency accounts receivables; fair agreements, competitive pricing structures, and decades of proven factoring experience.


Dozens of other funding and factoring companies use the word ‘flexible’ or ‘flexibility’ in their website copy. It’s a sales buzzword that many companies latch onto and promote with no obligation to live up to.

We’re most flexible in that you can exit out of our payroll funding program anytime for any reason, without any of the costly early termination penalty’s that are so common in other payroll finance programs. Or you may switch at anytime to one of our alternatively structured programs to better suited to fit your business and support your constantly evolving business growth.

If you ever found yourself stuck and frustrated in an unworkable relationship with a funding partner/provider after finding them on the internet…looking back you would realize that ‘true flexibility’ is the number one quality that matters most (not always pricing). And there is only ONE TRUE flexibility; the ability for you to leave or exit a funding program when you want, for any reason, without any financial or legal ramifications for doing so.

You as the customer (and not the funding company) should have the last word…the ultimate final say of the when, how, and extent of flexibility. If you are unsatisfied you should have the option to exit a program without:

  • early termination penalties
  • responsibility for minimum monthly amounts until the end of the contract term
  • forfeiture of earlier deposits you may have paid that are ‘nonrefundable’.
  • any funding company discretionary ability to charge or offset any portion of the accounts receivables, reserves, profits, or any staffing agency customers payments

If contract provisions allow you to be sued, and be responsible for the funding company’s legal costs then flexibility is limited. And if you sign funding contract provisions where your ability to sue the funding company is limited, or your recourse is limited by legal ‘waivers’–releasing the funding company, it’s officers, and employees from liability for any behavior or actions–then flexibility is always going to be limited.

True flexibility, which only comes with the freedom to exit a payroll finance program is the only assurance that you always have market competitive pricing and good service. A funding company should have to earn your respect, trust and loyalty every day.