Payroll Funding for staffing agencies

Having enough money for payroll is one of the biggest responsibilities as a business owner. The success of your business largely depends on your ability to pay employees at agreed-upon times. Yet making payroll can be challenging for startups and small businesses working hard to advance to the next level in their industry.

There are several factors that might strain your cash flow, which may further affect your ability to make payroll:

  • Your business is growing so quickly that the same growth gets ahead of your cash reserves.
  • You run a seasonal business that causes intermittent cash reserve lulls.
  • Your funds are tied to slow-paying receivables due to invoices set at net-30 to net-60 terms. This drains your funds, causing various problems.

Regardless of the reason you are low on cash reserves, our payroll funding solutions can help. Flexible Funding’s staffing agency payroll services work by providing capital to pay employees or temporary staff before the client pays your company. Staffing payroll funding serves as a tool that allows your business to finance invoices and assets so you can make payroll without worrying about the health of your business.

Flexible Funding has specialized in payroll funding services since 1992. We offer flexible payroll funding to staffing companies at extremely competitive rates, tailored to fit your unique business needs. We have years of experience getting startups set up quickly and efficiently, servicing established staffing companies that are bidding on large contracts, or freeing cash flow to help business grow.

  • You are only charged financing fees on what you borrow Our payroll funding services operate like an invisible bank revolving line of credit, completely secured on accounts receivable invoices. You are only charged financing fees on what you borrow.
  • There are no charges if you don't use the full amount of the receivable funding line. At Flexible Funding, we never take out extra charges by automatically sitting on your customer accounts receivable connections. While many staffing payroll funding companies disguise higher rates as practices such as "profit checks" or "summaries," we do not.
  • You never pay finance application fees, funding startup fees, annual audit fees or document preparation fees — just to name a few. Our staffing agency payroll services feature no extra fees, so there are no surprises!
  • There are no prepayment penalties, liquidated damages for early termination or charges for credit reports. At Flexible Funding, our goal is to help you pay employees on time. We do not want to find ways to continually penalize you for your diligence to your employees or to us.

Why Flexible Funding

With Flexible Funding, you can draw funds against your accounts receivable for exactly the payroll amount you need — which may vary from week to week, month to month or even daily. We customize funding programs for your business needs with no hidden fees, no long-term contracts and no separate legal notices. Flexible Funding helps you meet your payroll needs and grow your business.

Our payroll funding programs are flexible. You can cancel a program at any time, for any reason, without any early termination penalties. Flexible Funding has payroll funding programs for staffing companies that may not qualify for asset-based lending or that are considered higher risk.

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