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Payroll funding is our specialty at its finest. Flexible, as well as reasonable, there are no long-term (1-2 year) contracts with our payroll funding solutions. We don’t want our clients to feel pressured or uncomfortable into taking our services, if you can find better terms, payroll services, costs, or are unhappy for any reason with our services, you can cancel our financing contract at anytime with us, no penalties whatsoever. Click Here to learn more about our track record.

Being the #1 staffing agency temp funding source in the nation in satisfaction, we give our clients the best possible experience with our payroll funding.

Our funding program operates like an invisible bank revolving line of credit, secured only on accounts receivables/invoices. (Preferable to a true factoring company’s purchase of invoices.)

  • Only draw funding when you need to – and the payroll amount you need.
  • You are only charged financing fees on what you borrow (not automatically on the full amount of the accounts receivable invoices).
  • Costs you nothing if you don’t use the payroll/accounts receivable funding line.

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Payroll Financing Rates and Programs

We are in the business to benefit you, not to take advantage of you. We get rid of those costs and fees that other companies would charge, keeping the money where it should be, in your accounts. We’re fast, reliable with good standing with the Better Business Bureau and offer great services and outstanding rates. A huge difference is that you have ACCESS to your available funds every working day, making it easier for you to have your available funds in your account when you need them.

Our rates are extremely competitive AND there are important legal differences; our agreement is fair and reasonable. Other accounts receivable financing companies often have very one-sided contracts in favor of the funding company/factoring company. Click here to find out more about great services that we offer and how you can save money.

What you should NEVER expect to Pay:

  • Finance Application fees
  • Due diligence fees
  • Funding Startup fees
  • Prepayment penalties or equivalents
  • Liquidated damages for early termination
  • Charges for credit reports
  • Base fees
  • Administration fees

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