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Here at Flexible Funding there are no long-term contracts with any of our payroll funding solutions. There are no monthly minimum fees, prepayments, or early termination fees, so you can terminate your financing contract at any time without any penalties. Our goal is to help you every step of the way-from meeting your payroll finance needs to back-office and back-end payroll services.

The Flexible Funding Difference

  • Our Payroll financing solutions are among the most competitive in the industry-and we have no long-term contracts or hidden fees.
  • With Flexible Funding, you can terminate your contract at any time-with no penalties.
  • Flexible Funding works with you to collect on outstanding receivables, only you can decide if you want to collect less on any account receivable invoices.
  • Our contracts come with clear guidelines and no fine print. Staffing agencies will know the exact terms of the contract and will not need to worry about hidden fees or rate increases.
  • There are no finance application fees, prepayment penalties, liquidated damages for early termination, charges for credit reports, document preparation fees, or telephone, mailing, overnight express, collection or legal fees.

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