Payroll Financing Rates and Programs

Our funding program operates like an invisible bank revolving line of credit, secured only on accounts receivables/invoices.  (Preferable to a true factoring company’s purchase of invoices.)

  • Only draw funding when you need to – and only the payroll amount you need.
  • You are only charged financing fees on what you borrow (not automatically on the full amount of the accounts receivable invoices).
  • Costs you nothing if you don’t use the payroll / accounts receivable funding line.
  • Funding Line limit can increase instantly and accounts receivable financing fees lowered as volume increases.
  • The Only collateral is accounts receivable (Preferable to the blanket security filing on your business used by other payroll funding companies that additionally secure on furniture, fixtures, equipment, intangibles, etc.).
  • Completely Invisible to your Customers.  Non-Notification Funding – You manage the important relationship/collection process with your customers.
Flexible Funding Rates Programs

With Flexible Funding There’s No Fine-Print Extra Cost


  • Finance Application fees
  • Due diligence fees
  • Funding Startup fees
  • Prepayment penalties or equivalents
  • Liquidated damages for early termination
  • Charges for credit reports
  • Base fees
  • Administration fees
  • ACH funding transfer fees
  • Public record or security interest search or filing fees
  • Annual audit fees
  • Minimum monthly financing fees/volume
  • Establishment of 1% cash reserve
  • Per check or per invoice charges
  • For additional insurances not normally carried by staffing agencies
  • Document preparation fees
  • Our telephone, mailing, overnight express, collection or legal fees...

To name just a few.

The Big Financing Rate Difference with Flexible Funding

The low sounding accounts receivable financing rates and high advance rates you may be quoted elsewhere nearly always have a higher effective true rate/cost (and actual lower cash advance) that are concealed in ‘floats’ and contract language.  Floats are delays in access to cash, and your customer collections.

At Flexible Funding we don’t extract higher-than-quoted (effective) rate by automatically sitting on your customer accounts receivable collections under various names and rules.  Many accounts receivable factoring and funding companies disguise higher rate when they:

  • Mandate, dictate or specify that funds are transferred weekly, on a specified day of each week, only when you do payroll processing or invoicing, or at some other interval.
  • Establish payment of ‘profit checks’ weekly, once a week for a preceding week.
  • Sit on your accounts receivable collections and hold up cash draw until the end of an “accounting period”, until there is a “periodic summary of transactions”, until they “determine”, “summarize”, “settle”, or “adjust” any accounts, reserves or receipts. (Using such terms, other lenders may use your cash for 1 – 4 weeks)
  • Have check clearing days or periods before you can get access to your cash.  (Others promote that collections are posted and credited to your account the same day as received, however, they may not give you access to it).
  • The Rate Difference at Flexible Funding is that you can get ACCESS to your available funds EVERY WORKING DAY. Flexible funds FASTER into your bank account the same day of your accounts receivable funding request.

Your Temporary Staffing Agency’s Choice of a Payroll Funding Company is More Important to You than You May Realize

Flexible Funding Rates Programs

A payroll funding program is not just all about rate and advance rates–
it’s about protecting yourself legally.

  • The payroll funding/factoring industry is largely unregulated (with the exception of CA and NV lenders)
  • Contracts tend to be extremely one sided in favor of the payroll funding or factoring company
  • With all payroll funding companies and factors, your customer payments are mailed directly to the funding company/factor to payback monies advanced to you earlier, this gives all funding companies a degree of control over your cash flow… with the control over cash flow we have observed other lenders–in disputes– freeze, limit, and delay remittance of cash collections leaving the staffing agencies with limited resources.

These are just a few of the reasons our  Fair and Flexible Legal Differences, Flexibility Beyond Other Payroll Funding Companies, and Solid Track Record matter so much.