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Flexible Funding programs operate as an invisible bank revolving line of credit, so you only draw funds when you need them and only on the payroll amount you need to fund your payroll. One of the best advantages about our programs at Flexible Funding is we only require collateral on accounts receivables and invoices. Working with us means that there is no fine print or extra costs to you. We are your trusted partner:

You are only charged financing fees on what you borrow.

Funding line limit can be increased instantly and your accounts receivable financing fees lowered as the volume increases.

There are no charges if you don't use the full amount of the receivable funding line.

You never pay finance application fees, annual audit fees, document preparation fees just to name a few.

Flexible Funding is different than other payroll factoring and payroll funding companies as we never try and disguise higher rates or hold up your funds. You have access to your available funds every working day. We can get payroll funds into your bank account the same day of your accounts receivable request.

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