Staffing Industry Analysts is the global advisor on contingent work. The company’s proprietary research, award-winning content, data, support tools, publications, and executive conferences provide a competitive edge to decision-makers who supply and buy temporary staffing. In addition to temporary staffing, Staffing Industry Analysts also covers related staffing sectors including HR, procurement and other professionals with responsibilities for managing their company’s contingent workforce program.

A company that specializes in payroll funding for the staffing industry, Flexible Funding is a Staffing Industry Analysts Corporate Member with all that SIA has to offer. This gives Flexible Funding a superior service profile to staffing companies over general factoring – payroll funding companies that don’t understand staffing. We are able to offer more than just payroll funding; we go the extra mile to offer business solutions for staffing companies. Our association with Staffing Industry Analysts goes back over two decades. As we are educated by SIA about staffing industry issues, trends and solutions, we in turn have been able to share much of the knowledge and resources with our staffing agency customers. And, the knowledge has flowed in reverse where SIA has consulted with Flexible Funding for the inside track and trends in the specialized world of payroll funding for staffing companies. SIA has much to offer.

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Valuable Staffing Industry Conferences/ Forums

Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum is an annual meeting for CEOs, owners, and senior level executives from all sectors and segments of the staffing industry. Comprised of over 55% CEOs/owners and 90% VPs and above, the Executive Forum focuses on developing trends, future opportunities, & current challenges, and an unparalleled opportunity for informal, peer networking.

Contingent Workforce Solutions Forum is a conference focusing on solutions for corporate managers of contingent labor programs: a dive into topics that are important ? contingent workforce risk, recruiting, RPO, technology and more.

The Healthcare Staffing Summit brings together CEOs, owners, and senior level executives to focus on for the healthcare industry ranging from travel nursing, per diem nursing, locum tenens, allied medical, to IT, finance and operations.

Corporate Membership with Staffing Industry Analysts Contingent Workforce Specialists

Membership is primarily for staffing firm executives and owners, and decision-makers from the following types of organizations: VMSs, MSPs, suppliers to staffing firms including funding companies, investment banks, government, and non-profit organizations. Included is information you need to grow your business faster:

  • Determine best markets (niches, locations)
  • Understand customer needs/interests
  • Improve sales force effectiveness
  • Keep an eye on the competition
  • Identify technology options
  • Know industry trends and forecasts
  • Understand labor market and economic conditions
  • Learn about relevant legal/legislative changes

Advisory Services for Staffing Companies

Advisory services are available. You can call or email SIA analysts with any questions you have or staffing business challenges you’d like to discuss. The one-on-one with experts is private and confidential. You may also join an online discussion forum with your peer members. See their opinions about trends, forecasts, and best practices SIA has written about.

SIA Staffing Industry Publications

Contingent Workforce Strategies 3.0 published weekly and is delivered to buyers of staffing services. Healthcare Staffing Report is published monthly and is delivered to firms that provide Healthcare staffing services. Staffing Report is published monthly and is delivered to suppliers of staffing services.

Staffing Industry Review is published eight times a year and provides coverage of the tools, techniques, and best practices that staffing firm executives need to run their businesses — management, sales, administration, and technology. SI Review reaches 15,000 executives and owners representing 10,000 staffing companies. Among the topics covered are the following: Effective sales strategies, Staffing technology, Financial management, Legal issues, Recruitment and retention, Effective marketing techniques, Legislative and regulatory issues. Flexible Funding advertises in this publication on a continuing basis.

Staffing Company Surveys and Statistics

The Staffing Industry Analysts? List Survey is used to compile annual staffing firm rankings and opportunity lists. Participants may qualify for “Buyer Shopping Lists,” (firms ranked by size within various segment and geographic criteria) as well as lists intended to identify fast-growing staffing firms, firms looking to cooperate in bids for government contracts and to help firms find acquirers looking to purchase.

Temporary Staffing Benchmarking and Valuable Statistics. Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC) consists of a group of staffing companies — large and small, privately-held and publicly-traded — who confidentially provide Staffing Industry Analysts with their company’s financial and operating data so that they, in turn can access aggregated benchmarking data. It is specifically designed for staffing firm CEOs, owners, CFOs, board members, and other senior executives who want an ongoing, timely scorecard on how their specific company’s financial and business performance compares to similar staffing companies. Measure yourself against staffing industry operating/financial benchmarks (from peer companies. Full access to the financial and business performance data that comes out of participating in the Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC). You must provide data in order to receive the quarterly benchmarks.

Sales Force Compensation Survey. This is a landmark study of sales compensation for staffing firms and is an excellent source for benchmarking your sales organization. The 100 plus page report specifically examines sales roles, organization structures, and sales compensation practices, and best practices to put together a successful compensation plan.. It delves into 12 staffing sales roles, pay mix, and industry measures, all analyzed by company size and staffing segment.

The Contingent Buyer Survey is used to gather information industry best practices (of and for buyers), compensation, M&A activity, operational benchmarking and planned changes.

The Best Staffing Firms to Work for Survey recognize the best staffing firms to work for based on the results of an employee engagement survey of staffing firm internal employees and a net promoter score survey of staffing firm temporary and contract employees.


Staffing Industry Sourcebook: A Guide for Staffing Executives, 500 pages packed with practical advice for managing and operating staffing firms ? with a comprehensive ‘How-to’ section covering everything from getting started to exit strategies. See:,0_ Download Staffing Sourcebook Table of Contents and List of Tables & Charts

Contingent Workforce Strategies Sourcebook: First-of-its-kind reference guide for HR and Supply Management/Procurement professionals who manage Contingent Workforce programs: data, analysis, practical advice, case studies on the hottest contingent workforce issues: Usage and Spending (bill and pay rates, sourcing methods)_- Supplier Landscape (including VMS, MSP)_- Managing Risk: Legal and Compliance Issues_- Global Challenges and Opportunities

Vendor Opportunities/Campaigns

Flexible Funding, and all of the other payroll funding companies catering to contingent workforce suppliers, take advantage of SIA’s marketing vehicles. An ad campaign may combine print & electronic media and events, and offer daily, weekly, monthly, and annual opportunities. Their print magazine reaches 15,000 subscribers, including 10,000 staffing companies. The online newsletter, the Daily News, reaches 16,000 subscribers daily, Monday through Friday. In the entire United States, you can count the staffing funding company specialists on less than two hands, including; Prosperity Funding, Sterling Resource Funding, Damian Financial, Tricom Funding, Madison Resource Funding, Advance Payroll Funding, Tempay, Networkers Funding and Flexible Funding. Flexible Funding is confident enough in our superior service and guaranteed competitive pricing to invite comparison.