Anyone seeking employment in today’s job market should also contact a local staffing agency for an interview. Also known as temporary employment services, many of staffing agencies also assist applicants in finding long-term jobs in a variety of fields. While many jobs with employment services are temporary positions, such as working during the holidays in retail establishments as cashiers, there are also positions that are permanent.

School Employees

Public and private schools often use temporary employment services to screen and manage substitute staff. The agency is responsible for contacting individuals each day for particular jobs in a school, such as classroom teacher, educational assistant, or recess monitor. School systems use temporary employment services to save money and time.

Factory Workers

Manufacturing plants and factories require reliable workers with an understanding of machines and equipment to work on assembly lines as machinists or loading docks as handlers. Knowledgeable applicants with many years of experience working in factories can use a temporary employment service to find a job as a foreman. It is also possible for individuals with education and training in healthcare to find employment with a staffing agency. Registered or licensed practical nurses may want to work on a temporary basis at different medical facilities before choosing a permanent place to work. There are also temporary jobs located in private residences for certified nursing assistants to care for senior citizens or disabled individuals.

Office Staff

White-collar workers can find employment through a staffing agency that specializes in interviewing accountants, office administrators, and engineers. Recent college graduates interview with temporary employment services as a way to enter the job market to gain experience. Law and accounting firms may want to hire a new graduate from a temporary employment service when a permanent employee is not able to work due to illness. Anyone working as a temporary employee can use the opportunity to prove themselves by arriving at a job on time and providing excellent, professional service. While a temporary employment service is responsible for screening and interviewing prospective employees, a worker is managed by the bosses at a workplace.