...the Accounts Receivable Financing Alternative to Invoice Factoring

Flexible Funding offers fast and flexible payroll funding solutions for the staffing industry and other industries and businesses where labor is a significant expense, to make payroll and other employee related payroll costs, enabling your business to grow.

We provide straightforward financing structured like an unlimited bank line, providing working capital which grows with your accounts receivables compared with selling off your invoices to a factoring company, Flexible Funding’s custom-tailored payroll financing solutions are more competitively priced and less intrusive with your customer accounts.

Founded in 1992 and now celebrating 28 years in business, Flexible Funding has financed billions of dollars in payroll funding for everything from entrepreneurs with growing start-up companies all the way to mature successful businesses meeting payroll of millions of dollars on a weekly basis. Our founders, company beginnings and experience include 80 years of invoice accounts receivable financing, and 35 years specializing primarily in the staffing industry.

Flexible Funding offers your company proven and dependable quality customer service (you get live people picking up the phone rather than being subjected to long automated announcements, or having to wade through annoying multiple pushbutton option phone systems), along with the most advanced technologies.

We provide Payroll Funding facilitated by the widest range of payroll systems, payroll services and softwares, including Staffing Vendor Management Systems VMS. And we also provide when needed, full payroll services and other back office services along with funding.

Highly rated customer satisfaction surveys back up our remarkable record of customer retention—our customers view Flexible Funding as a trusted and valued partner in business, not just another payroll funding vendor. Flexible Funding is a long-term member of the Better Business Bureau and has always been awarded-maintained Better Business Bureau Honor Roll Status.

Flexible Funding offers your company the guarantee of excellent customer service along with a guarantee of most competitive market pricing. APPLY NOW online or give Steve Capper a call at 800 487-8327.

Flexible Funding

The #1 Staffing Industry and Contract Employee Payroll Funding Solution in the Nation

Flexible Funding offers your company a guarantee of excellent customer service along with the guarantee of most competitive market pricing.

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